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Love this app!


Great presentations,

Detail Options

The app is great! You are given a window to view all homes on sale and foreclosures on the market. All at your finger tips, this search really assist in finding your ideal home and school.

Better than Redfin

Better than Redfin but not including all houses on the market, some sold property are still appears to be on the market and not all info is correct

Don't ask me to rate your app


Great Resource to look for relocation.

I really enjoy using Zillow to search for possible relocation places.


I love this app.

Favorite, but needs a glitch fix

I loved Zillow when we were looking for a new home and when seeking our previous home. I still enjoy perusing Zillow even though we are no longer in the market to buy/sell. On the app, it keeps automatically selecting the email notifications toggle every time you go into the app. Which means I get tons of emails a day. I’ve even unsubscribe from emails constantly and every time I go back into the app the email Notifications is selected again. Frustrating.

It used to be reliable and easy to use

I use it on an iPad Pro with plenty of storage and it is slow starting, so slow, I cancel it and go to an alternate app. A frustrating user experience.

Zillow price estimate

Gives false impression; based on data set and does not give proper consideration to specific property. I bet there is a large consumer class action on the subject some day.

I always recommend Zillow!

Anytime someone asks me about how we found our home, I tell them, “The Zillow app!” It has great notifications and is so easy to use. The filters helped us find our home in just 2 weeks.

Zillow is the worst ever

Totally frustrating - never got the functionality or address correct for our protest and their maps are way off. Customer service is a huge pain and not very helpful.

Great App!

Very user friendly! Love the accessibility to shift across areas with a simple swipe across the map.

Great app

Love app, great for research or just to check out dream houses. Great way to pass the time looking at beautiful houses, and researching what you would like to buy.


I enjoy the app, but it crashes often, and is so glitchy that sometimes I can’t even view a house.


Loving the experience of this app. Quick on boarding, solid UI design as well. Keep it up Zillow team!

Great app

Thanks for the updated info on housing

Won’t save favorites

The app is terrible when it comes to trying to save favorites. It won’t actually save them even if you’re logged in. It makes you re-search for a house every time


Love Zillow

Kristy Heitl

Very professional also very knowledgeable. Hard working she sold my home and found my new home. The transactions went very smooth. I am pleased to have used Kristy to handle my Realestate needs and would recommend her to anyone who want a professional Realestate agent working for them.

OMG so so so amazing

I love somehow because I just love to look at all the houses and some of them are pretty some of them are not, even if they’re not it’s just even just really amazing to look at all the houses and see all the stuff that they have to offer even though I’m not really buying a house.

It’s okay...

In theory, it’s a good app. Truth is, it has its issues.. I cannot delete previous searches and keep getting notifications for them, it shows me homes in a radius that I didn’t include, I get 3-6 emails per day with summaries and new listings for searches OUT of the radius I selected.. I’ve tried all sorts of tweaks in the filters/ map/ draw/ etc.. no luck... now I just get frustrated

Resource for House Shopping

I’ve enjoyed Zillow for sometime now while searching for a new home. However, some of the recent “updates” have made it less user friendly and difficult to remove homes I’m no longe interested in.

Easy to use

I love this app. It’s easy to use and the app vs the website has a commute feature so you can only look at homes within a certain drive time of a specific address or landmark. Super convenient!

Great app, needs more

I love using this app, I just wish that I could use it for more than just real estate in the United States

Not user-focused

The recent updates removed the ability to quickly hide/dismiss. You have to open the property and scroll down to hide. That is a pain when you already know from one look. If you like a property, they resubscribe you to email lists automatically. The whole reason I use the app is to have it all in one place. I don’t want the emails. I hope the longevity of these feature changes is short, but for now I am moving to another app.

Perfect for house hunting

Helped us easily find houses we wanted to see in person and share with our realtor

Spammming for reviews

The most frustrating thing with this app is the constant nagging for reviews... it is incessant in interrupting the user to ask “Are you enjoying Zillow.” They have yet to move to the the new Review API so it continues to be a negative experience for the user.

Like it

Like the way it look and feels very great job on this app

Helped me find two homes in the area I wanted

This Ap opened the door for me to the world of real estate. The Ap allowed me to go from a starter home to our family home without breaking the bank using all tools available. We even found our realtor of 5 years. Thanks Zillow.

Poor information

I don’t care what has been sold or when. I am looking for current homes for sale in the Naperville neighborhood.

Love the app

I can’t say how easy it is to surf the app! I have now bought 2 property that we found through this app! And looking for more!

Awesome app!!

Absolutely love using Zillow. So helpful and user friendly!!

Diverse Choices

I get multiple choices of great houses having reasonable prices. Zillow totally rocks the real estate market!

But is it right?

I sure like having this app- can look at home prices while I travel. Just not sure how accurate it is and in areas of expensive homes the margin of error could be hundreds of thousands. It is fun though.

My review

I love Zillow and I plan on purchasing a house via your app

Excellent site

The site presents our home beautifully.


Very easy to navigate.

Zillow Performance

I find this site to be very useful I used Zillow to sale my other house and I used Zillow to buy the house I’m living in now and I am using it to find my next house 😀😀😀😇

Zillow is awesome!

Zillow is a great resource that makes it easy for me to look at the current real estate market. It’s just fun and interesting to watch the housing market.🤩 Thanks Kiki O

Filters are restricting. Not enough flexibility.

I can’t detail filter if I want to.


Zillow was my go to app. Now it’s useless because my saved Homes can’t be found as they are randomly sorted. No matter how I sort my saved homes, my newest homes are at the bottom of my list. I’ve reported multiple times and no fix. I don’t recommend Zillow because of this issue and because their information is dated. Homes listed for sale went under contract weeks ago.

Finding house.

Best way to find your house.




Nice to be able to view homes and get all the answers you need right there


Zillow helps get property managers to contact you back a lot faster than other sites.

Five Star!

Zillow is the best! So helpful and thorough! I love this company!

Cannot filter only condos

Everything on the app is very user friendly except for that I cannot filter only condos in New York.


I would absolutely love this app, but it “freezes” up quite often.

Impossible to deal with customer support

Have had difficulty listing my home. Numerous emails to customer support with no response. Have paid for another very easy to use service instead. Worth the small $50 fee for 6 months.

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