Zillow Real Estate & Rentals 应用的评论


Zillow is awesome

The ease to view new homes and being able to see the listings is fantastic

Outdated listenings

Tons of outdated listenings and buggy.

I Love Zillow!!

It’s the Best House hunting app on the web!


was able to find my first apartment on this app. will definitely use when looking for my next place

Not bad

Nice service if only houses listed are for sale not bogus listings

Sold my phone number!

I’m getting calls from real estate agents for some reason, they claim Zillow gave them my cell phone number. This is ridiculous. I do not want to be contacted

147 Foxpen dr carriere ms

I can no remove the address that it shows and the price can you help me????

Hide button

I used to exclusively use Zillow for all of my real estate needs. Ever since the hide button was removed and homes are showing up in wrong towns, using this app is more frustrating than fun. Please bring back the hide button. This is ridiculous.

Excellent app

Great for browsing real estate in areas you’re interested in.

I like Zillow, but...

I wish I could choose to eliminate homes that are in 55+ communities.

Ok app. Annoyed that “hide” option has been removed.

Please bring back the “hide property” option! The map is too cluttered without it. Otherwise an ok app.

As advertised

Shows real estate options in the areas I’m interested in and able to filter out what I’m not.

Great for once didn’t have to reg. To just look at picture at these beautiful homes. Thanks so much

Thank you

Tired of Timeshares

Looking for homes to buy in popular vacation areas, frequently encounter scammy timeshare listings. These are against Zillow’s rules. At first I’d report them and they’d get taken down, but lately my reporting goes ignored and they’re not removed. Now new timeshare listings are going up that we need to sort through. Zillow seems to be ok with this now I guess?

Great app! Would like the ability to organize saved homes into folders.

I wish I could sort my saved homes into folders so I can organize them by town or projects.

Not functional

Trying to use with partner. Entered his email address as the app requested. It will send him every home I “heart” but will not share my searches/search results or the actual list of search results. Looking for a rental home and this could be an effective tool but it’s too irritating.

Favorites still aren’t working properly

Despite the latest update, saved Homes still won’t sort properly and Zillow still won’t fix it. This makes the app useful when you can’t find your saved homes because they sort randomly.

Awesome very helpful

Great site


I found a house with a really good deal. Anyone looking for a home should use this app.


I’m finally annoyed enough now to leave a bad review. Zillow needs to do something to prevent condo/townhomes from being listed as regular homes. I explicitly filter to NOT see townhomes or condos and my lists are still flooded with them, wasting my time. I don’t know if the people listing are being malicious and trying to trick people into looking thinking it might lead to a sale or if they are just too stupid to fill out the listing form correctly, but it is annoying and Zillow should have a better listing review process. You can’t even report the misleading listing directly to Zillow as far as I know. You can only report it to the person who listed it, and they probably don’t care enough to change it.


Very helpful.


This is the best house searching app ever created

Too Late

I keep receiving comps that are a year or more old and clearly they’re out of date because the market values in my neighborhood have been going up quite a bit.

3817 Park Ave Edison NJ

Could have more up to date pictures of house and descriptions of rooms


Great app; wish you could still hide homes and rank your saved homes

I love


Love this app.

Big help when shopping for a new home.

Disintermediation in progress

As a realtor I see the livelihood of those in this industry under increasing pressure. Zillow’s product is an excellent and growing product. Its main weakness seems to be its estimating algorithm, on a macro level it’s ok, at the street level not so much... yet... Disintermediation has gutted the HR ranks of finance and travel and retail. Now Realty is on the operating table. In the end consumers will benefit.

Not working properly after update

Receive email recommendations...Previously when I tapped a home in the email, it would open the link at that home. Now it opens to a generic map of the area I’m interested in. Then I have to enter the address in the search bar. Not convenient at all.

Has some wrinkles

I am having issues in which I can only mark some properties as favorites. It is also doesn’t seem to allow the user to mark favorites while viewing a listing- instead, only by seeing the properties on the list page. Also, it took me a week to realize that if you type City, State items do not generate. You have to type City-State. Very frustrating.


Zillow has definitely helped me find my perfect home for my Family!

What happened to the hide feature?

I hate clutter. That feature helped.

Great App.

Great app. Easy to search with terrific photos and all the info you need to follow up on the property if you choose to. Mao is great to do a drive by. But, with the great photos you really do not need a drive by. Just call the agent and set an appointment to see the property. Great job Zillow.


Easy to use. Very helpful, viewing “Sold Homes” to find price points in particular neighborhoods and towns. After narrowing parameters of price, location, and amenities, the properties are presented, and very easy to compare. I’m saving my money for that first home purchase, soon!

Can’t stop emails in app

I get 20-30 emails a day from Zillow. It should be simple to stop these emails in the app, it’s not. I am deleting the whole app

Zillow is great..

Zillow has the most up to date information about property for sale and information about property in general. Zillow provides in depth information and pictures. I use this app often and recommend it to all my friends who are looking for property.

Thorough and informative

The app provides a lot of detail, whether you are a buyer or a seller!

Bring back the “Hide”

This app doesn't allow you to hide houses anymore! Please bring it back! It is very frustrating to keep seeing houses that do not meet our needs.

Can’t Hide Properties

Some recent update removed the “hide” option for properties. Change back please! It’s ridiculous.

One stop everything!

Love this app. Extremely accurate! True one stop shopping for homes!


Often find information concerning number of bedrooms, bath, etc. not correct.

I sold my house with Zillow, and I will no doubt sellThis one on Zillow

5 stars. I sold my 1st home on Zillow. I now own another home and would like to sell it on Zillow. Now there is an app you can download and do a video tour of your house. Very professional. I love taking tours without leaving my chair!!!

Apt for rentjojo

I want to list my apartment for rent in Hamburg New York. 14075. Please help me


I keep coming back hoping to get updated information, but always leave disappointed. My own home, purchased 3 years ago, isn’t on the map, and when I search by the address I am routed to another home on a differently named road. I searched for homes to view because we are moving. When we arrived we found half the homes not up for sale, and other homes we couldn’t find because the information was wrong. Very frustrating!!!


It's a pleasure to see how many homes and beautiful land are for sale.

No Satellite View, Map is empty grid, Can’t Hide properties any more

I used to absolutely love Zillow and I used to consider it a 5-Star app. I especially loved the Satellite Aerial View of properties and I hate that it was replaced with the completely unhelpful Street View. The Satellite View was what kept me from even looking at competing apps. I also loved the ability to Hide properties that I wasn’t interested in. Now, however, I too often get Error messages whenever I attempt to hide a property, and properties previously hidden now reappear in all subsequent openings of the app as if never hidden. Also, the Map View is now terribly inconsistent in whether or not it works. Too often I get an empty grid showing, instead of the map I need. This seems to happen constantly on iPad with the new version (no Satellite view) although my iPhone app (an older version which still has Satellite View) still works fine. I still love the ability to easily go to the Tax Collector website to get accurate information (for those counties which are publicly accessible) Please go back to Satellite Aerial View instead of, or in addition to, Street View. And please fix whatever glitch causes the map to instead appear as an empty grid. Once you fix the glitches and return to Satellite View, I’ll be happy to give a 5-Star rating (assuming no other serious glitches turn up).

Make Zillow even better

When a property is listed it should be mandatory to include HOA fees. Without knowing these fees the listing is misleading.


Tried using this on my IPad Pro to find a new apartment but if I touch the screen when the app is running it freezes and it completely unseeable.

Open houses

One of the primary reasons I used Zillow’s is because I could add open houses right to my iPhone calendar, this seems to of disappeared. The open houses show up but there’s no option to just hit it and add it to your calendar.


Pretty cool & convenient..

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