Zillow Real Estate & Rentals App Reviews

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Very useful app. Helped me a lot in searching houses.

Information update on Zillow

Sometime we just donor know if information is updated.

Great app

This is an excellent research tool when you are looking for real estate.

Great app

Love the drawing part to look in a neighborhood

Excellent Resource

Zillow is a tremendous resource when buying or selling a home and it is good entertainment as well. Occasionally there are data errors in Zillow, but it is fairly reliable on more than 99% of the information. It works best on iPad, as it has a different layout for Windows 8 that omits some of the info you get with iOS.

User Friendly

Very versatile and useful for buying prsoperties.


Easy to use, plenty of search options, all at your finger tips. Its my go-to real estate search app.

So Much Info!

Kinda makes you question why you would need a real estate agent to put an informed price on your home when you get all the sales and estimate info from this app. As a Canadian I scratch my head when it comes to the Florida insurance information. Yikes! Awesome app.

So helpful

I forget the time when I can find everything Im looking for!

Florida condo search.

Very helpful. History info made a difference. Contacted agent. All good.

Great interactive features

Works really well.


A great app that lets you shop, compare and evaluate your next move. It has plenty of information on properties that allows a potential buyer to review everything from the sales history to taxes.

Very nice app

Flawless, easy to use and follow up

Wow !!!!!

Great app !!! Please make it available for canadian properties !!!!

Great app

Need in Canada too pls

I love it

It is a quick easy to use app that is awesome. I love it so much. Download it, youll love it

Great App

Ive been using this app for a couple of years. Very useful and easy to use.

Great app!

I find this very useful and even somewhat addictive!

Very useful!!!

I can easily find great deals by browsing through the app!

Excellent Resource

Zillow is how I found my vacation rental. I return annually. Now, Im looking for my next home!

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