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Zillow is out of touch

Zillow is consistently off with their estimates from any of the legitimate apps and market assessments. My own house recently appraised at $1.65 million which was lower than expected. Zillow lists it for under $1.5 and going down? Which is nuts since I regularly get annoying offers from realtors offering pre-qualified buyers with cash offering $1.9 million...which is where most other apps and assessment tools put it.


Easy and convenient

3597 N. Ehrenberg Rd.

Sold my property, very happy with every thing . Had many people interested , thank you

Overall quite good

Zillow is great. The only reason for four stars instead of five is its tendency to not quite be up to date. It would be great if listings would appear right when first listed. Otherwise, an absolutely unbelievably amazing App!

This app is useful

I always use this app to find houses everywhere.

Pretty good!

Gets a lot of good information like price history and Zestimates. Map is easy to navigate too. I wish they pulled more information from the MLS like bedroom sizes specifically though.

Great App

If youre in the market to buy, rent, or sell then you wont go wrong with Zillow.

My "go to"

While searching for a home or comps I use the zillion app as my go to. Easier to use and navigate than most real estate apps. Recommended!

Great app!

This is a great app! I love using Zillow. Easy to use!

Hugely Useful

The school border option and filter is a great tool. I also like the ability to draw your own regions. Nice work.

Great app

Great app for comparisons but prices Smf to be about 5-10% high.

Best app for searching house to buy

Zillow is, hands down, best app to search house for purchase. It is because it shows school ratings, sale history, taxes among other things.

Great app

Wonderful for finding a good spot for your family.

Nonexistent Support

If youre looking for accurate and quick notification of homes on the market, dont use this app. The notification for saved searches on the app are days behind the emails for the desktop version, which are also quite late. I also receive nearly daily notifications for listings that have not changed. Results of saved searches are often erroneous – theyre supposed be in order of last changed, but often they are not; sometimes rentals appear in my saved search results for sales. Customer service is nonexistent. I have used the app to report errors and ask questions with no response after months. The app does a good job finding homes that are for sale nearby if Zillow knows they are for sale, and values of homes.* The assessments showing on Zillow in my area (Richmond VA) are two years behind – I reported it to Zillow a few times in the last year but havent seen a response on the issue. The calculators in this app are also pretty good, but bottom line – it would be great if Zillow addressed some of the issues so it could be more trustworthy and useful. *The Zestimates are different than Trulias estimates – usually by quite a bit. Its good to have a lot of sources including the realtors CMA to get to a homes value. I dont trust only the Zestimate.

Not Pleased

After using this app for a certain amount of time all the home information disappears and just leaves a blank description box. Please fix this.

Keep going down hill...

The last version had its problems but this version has become unusable. Im running iOS 9.3.3 on an iPad 3 and most times I have to click on the app 2-3 times just to start it because it keeps crashing at the splash screen. You can forget clicking on an email link (deep linking) and pulling up that specific property in the app... Never gonna happen (iOS says waiting on handoff).


Very clear and useful, lots of clarity.

New to me but so far so good

Ive only been using it for a few hours but it seems like a nice resource for your home buying needs.

Errors in used google map

I like the app. It is very informative however Zillow uses Google for mapping and that is the problem. I live in a condo community and Google has 3/4 of our street names incorrect.This makes it hard to sell or buy hereGoogle has been notified but the fix can take years.


Unstable. Listing details keep losing all comments and details

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